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How To Write A Repeating Decimal As A Fraction

1. Write the repeating decimal as a fraction: 0.686868.... 2. Convert the following repeating decimal into fraction: 0.725725.... 3. Rewrite the given repeating decimal as a fraction. 0.333....

  • A repeating decimal or recurring decimal is decimal representation of a number whose digits are periodic (repeating its values at regular intervals) and the infinitely repeated portion is not zero. It

  • Repeating decimal

  • Just enter the Decimal value into the input box and then press calculate button, the system will automatically calculate the Fraction value. Repeating Decimal to Fraction Formula To conversion Repeating Decimal number to Fraction use this fromula, which is given below- (D × 10 R) - N 10 R -1 Where, D = The whole decimal number;

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